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Magazine for new European Architecture

g a l l e r y   a e d e s   b e r l i n

a r c h i l a b

conference for architecture in orléans 2002

5 t h   g r a z   b i e n n a l   o n   m e d i a   a n d   a r c h i t e c t u r e

c e n t e r   f o r   a r c h i t e c t u r e ,   v i e n n a

berlin specials

d e s i g n   a n d   p r o d u c t i o n   o f   w a l l p a p e r s

Extratapete is a new berlin-based company, that specializes on design and production of wallpapers. Due to a new production method, it is now possible to manufacture wallpapers in small volumes. This enables Extratapete to produce new vivid alternatives to the large-volume mainstream.

s u p e r c l u b

cornelius mangold published a cardgame on berlin "plattenbauten"

t h e   w o r d   c o m p a n y

the artist adib fricke events new words and publishes his research work of language on the web

t y p e - f a c e   m o d e l l   a n d   c a s t i n g   a g e n c y ,   b e r l i n

was founded by the photographer ali kepenik and julia todorow. the agency does not promote faces according to the classical definition of beauty. they focus on individual characteristics, reshaping our perception of reality.

u r b a n   v i s u a l   d e s i g n ,   b e r l i n

v o g t   &   w e i z e n e g g e r ,   b e r l i n

with dim - the imaginary manufacture, the industrial designs of vogt and weizenegger have succeeded in an unusual task: the combinition of market force, design and social commitment, in a way which resonated within the design establishment. they had already landed a coup with "blaupause"-"blueprint"- instead of delivering furniture, they provided a blueprint for dim design

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largest international database for designproducts

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u s e d   d e s i g n e r   f u r n i t u r e   a t   g o o d   p r i c e s

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b r a n d   e i n s

business magazine, focussing on the connections and interferences between culture and business, and contemporary business culture

t o m a t o - l o n d o n

the work of the design group tomato rests upon an inexhaustible gathering of motifs and inspiration from the urban landscape, and the transformation, and re-sampeling of this urban fodder for a diverse range of clients

y u g o p

yogo nakamura, currently maintains a site called "mono*crafts", which demonstrates a very original interactive interface using flash technology. yogu studied landscape art/architecture at the university of tokio, and is self-taught in interactive design. all of his upcomming work will be subcated from the mono*crafts site.

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g a l l e r y   b a r b a r a   t h u m m

C y a n

graphic designer, Berlin - Dresden

Artist, Berlin

J u l i a n   o p i e

Artist, London

d i p l .   i n g .   a r c h i t e k t i n   b d a   r e g i n a   p o l y

garden and landscape architect


temporary autonomous museum for all