temporary autonomous museum for all

Social facilities for an itinerant population in Greece
d e r   a r c h i t e k t , ausgabe 10/2001, " Komm ins Offene "
poetische und emotionale Methoden in Stadtplanung und Architektur, "Soziale Einrichtungen für eine Wanderpopulation in Griechenland"

Article by Caroline Raspé

Caroline Raspé describes the commitment of the artist Maria Papadimitriou in the district of Avliza in Menidi (near Athens). The artist initiated a project that created social facilities for around 250 itinerant Greek families. This concept - realized with collaboration of architects, sociologists, film creators, residents, and artists - has equated "social institutions" with a museum concept. Proceeding from a rather emotionally characterized housing settlement structure, with house colours and arrangements calling to mind modern art, the project initiators conceived with clear architectural consciousness simple prototypes for infrastructure facilities.


Photos from the site

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